Criminal law

Criminal Defence Solicitors representing clients in Hertford, Stevenage, Harlow and Chelmsford Essex.


You need a tough experienced lawyer to support you and advise you.  Anything said at the police station may be recorded and used as evidence against you.  If you "go it alone" you may well irreversibly damage your case.  We instruct qualified police station representatives to attend the police station to advise you in person.  Most people qualify for legal aid and do not have to pay for this service.


If you are charged we can apply for legal aid or estimate the likely private fees.  Even if you are guilty it is vital that you have expert legal representation.  Negotiating a lesser charge and powerful mitigation can make the difference between custody and community punishment.


If you are innocent you have to make sure you put forward the best defence.  This starts with a thorough investigation into the witnesses and evidence.  At trial you will will be represented by in house advocates or a Barrister.


We are able to advise on appeal options having had cases in the court of appeal.

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